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fairly solid car. heidts front end. 289 motor. solid trunk. good starting point for a project? seller wants $2k
i was thinking of putting in a heidts front and 4 link rear on a similar vintage mustang but solid mustangs are pricey. it is what it is. if you want a mid 60’s car, this is what you work with
a coat of paint would make it look a lot better

This falls under the cliche, to each his own.
For a Falcon, I prefer the styling of the 60-63s.
But if you like it and have the $$,$$$ for the project, why not?
Going to need a lot more than a coat of paint.


Check EVERYWHERE for rust, they’re famous for it.

Looks like a fun project, is the passenger window missing?

Looks like that motor was just dropped in. Look for a Sprint badge and 5 lug wheels. If it does not have at least the 5 lug wheels, then it was probably a 6 cylinder originally and that had a weaker frame.

Edit: looks like the front cap has been changed too so a good frame inspection is in order.

Make sure the front suspension was properly installed! If the rear axle is a 4 bolt, it is too small for a V8. An 8.8 out of a Ranger pickup is a stronger axle and is only a touch wider. Easily narrowed by cutting the long side and using 2 short axles.

I like that body style. Go for it.

I like it but may question that engine which looks kind of grubby.

Friend had a 65 Mercury Comet cousin to that back in the day and it was gorgeous with bright red paint and Cragars.

Unfortunately, he got out of AF basic training, chose to get drunk, and rolled it 3 times before hitting a utility pole while drag racing a friend. That was the end of that one.
Oddly enough, he was barely even hurt and a month or so later was in Viet Nam.

I like the car & the 289 engine. Similar styling to my teenager car, 62 Galaxy. I like the more economic look of the 62 a little better, but this styling almost as good. You can tell better than any us about whether the seriousness of its obvious visible problems. The first thing I noticed that might be a restoration-cost concern was the spots on the rocker panels. You already know to restore this to like new condition, a lot of time and money involved. Restoring it to a workable, presentable-from-6-feet runabout might be a better first goal.

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I don’t see a problem with the rocker panels, I just see the clips for the rocker panel trim.

Fall is when sellers get rid of cars they don’t want to store. The front suspension kits can be as simple as a crossmember. Use some of the factory parts or go all in with new upper/lower control arms. Or stockish springs or coil over assys. Even drums or discs. Depends if you want to spend a little or a lot.
Hmm, I see a LS swap. Kidding

The engine compartment on that Falcon has been butchered up. The shock towers are gone along with bracing.

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The shock towers and braces were removed because the Heidts front suspension drops the spring and shock from the upper control arms to the lower arms. The loads are then moved to the crossmember, frame rails and torque boxes. Makes more room in the engine compartment.

If the suspension was properly installed, it makes the front stronger. I’d still build new cross braces though.


Good to know. I didn’t realize the rest of the body could handle the stresses.

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The lower rails, are pretty decently strong, by 60s standards. Those plates that replace the shock tower should we welded, IMHO, not bolted in. I am not sure any Falcon got torque boxes but Mustang boxes can be welded in with a little trimming, I believe.

the open frame rails are boxed in with the kit install. or should be. depends what inspection shows

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