Color of a 68 ss396 chevelle

okay i need to pick a color for my 68 ss-396 chevelle that was originally butternut yellow with black vynal top but i have been leaning towards the newer vette color thats the 50th aniverary red mettelic and put the white stripes down the side like the 69 ss and putting a set of 18in boss wheels for the pro touring look

it needs to look bad because its getting a 396 bored 90 over with a huge hyd roller cam

I would go black with white racing stripes, but that’s just me. What color is the interior?

right now it is the original black bucket seats and all original door panels and such but the interior will clean up like new
its only a 39,000 original miles car and has been off the road since 1975

I did not think there was anybody in the country secure enough in their job to spend this kind of money any more.

In any case I would go with that factory dark greeen (with the correct hood scoop) that I can remember the 69 could be bought with. One of the best looking body styles that ever came from GM.

Just curious,how close is .090 over to max? I took a 235 6 banger out to .090 over but there was a lot of meat there. I put a hydraulic cam in and the 235 would run away from 292’s

well 90 over is like taking a late 402 and boring it 60 over but i had this block sonic tested and they said i could bore it out to a 427 or bigger since it started its life at 4.094 bore and is 4.185 now but the 427 bbc has only 4.25 in bore

and its an original 396 car with the hood vents but im planning on painting both hoods i have for it including the 4 in pin on hood

235s are great engines and very durable my dad had a 55chevy 235 with 3 one barrels that was a rocket

Just my opinion, but I’m a stickler for originality when it comes to the older muscle cars. It would probably remain butternut yellow with a black vinyl top if it were mine.

If the car was a bland 307 or 6 banger model I’d consider just about anything but an SS would remain true to its heritage unless the SS was a semi-gutted and worm eaten hulk.

well this car is all original down to the wheel cylinders
the only thing thats not original is the motor that happens to be a 69 dated 396 right now i really wish i could find a correct block for the car

I’ve been known to alter many cars to suit my taste, including Corvettes. No more fanatical group than Corvette owners for originality IMO. That being said, this is one car I would not mess too much with. Making dramatic changes to the paint will require a lot of stripping down and so will restoring it back. Unless the paint is really in tough shape, it is often worth more with the original paint. If you’re set on changing it (I hate that butternut color too), perhaps a more subtle change would allow you to leave the jambs and engine compartment original.

Here’s a great site for help in restoring your chevelle- Lots of knowledgeable folks over there and can probably help you locate parts too.

In that case, I would definately go with a black exterior w/ white racing stripes. That’s dead sexy IMHO.

Ho cool would it be to have it look like a “sleeper”? . . . and then pull the front wheels off the ground when you step on it? I just saw a butternut '67 or '68 for sale in Southern PA, yesterday. It looked great. I personally never like changing colors, too much work and takes away from the originality, IMO. You are a lucky man, with this type of problem. Whatever color you choose, good luck and have fun! Sounds like a great build. Rocketman

well the car was sand blasted in the 70s because it used to be my uncles car who about 6 years ago got cut in half and it sat in a building since 1975 so over all that thime it gained surface rust all over the car
but i have a rendering of how i want the car but i dont want to modify the car and not be able to return this 39000 original miles car back to its former glory because this was one of my dads and unlces sleeper drag car

but im into pro touring cars with a slight look of a drag car with a cowl hood and such
and i want to put a 69 chevelle grill in it but like i said im gonna keep all the original parts and try to find a correct jan dated 396 block

im thinking ppg salsa red pearl with a white or cream stripe down the side like a 69 chevelle and a set of grey boss wheels 18ins in th front and 20s in the rear and maybe change the interior to parchment or white

Well, I’m a little biased, but I loved the color I painted my 65 Malibu. When I got it it was white. Ran the paint codes and found out it was originally Danube Blue, which was a dark, almost midnight blue. The guy who was doing the work showed me a couple colors of blue he had laying around his shop(he actually worked on semi truck refinishing and repairs at the time). The color I decided on was called Bahama Blue Metallic(off mid 90s GM trucks), and pretty much matched the light blue interior color as well.
For pictures on what it looks like:

very nice car i really like the blue and i bet that thing stands out at a car show with most of the 65 chevelles painted red

what kind of running gear you got in the car?

Unfortunately I don’t own the car anymore. When I owned it I attended maybe 2 or 3 car shows with it, and there was only 1 other 65 I seen, which was a red convertible. I don’t like just sitting around at a car show, I gotta go look at everyone else’s. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m the kinda guy that wasn’t afraid to just get out and drive it, be it to the store to get groceries, shoot the loop, or even drive to work.
It had the powerglide transmission in it, and I think it was like a 1.76 gear

The really neat lookers of that vintage were either jet black or dark blue metalic. I’m not a big fan of stripes. My old GF bought one of those new and it was medium green metalic so please don’t paint it green.

haha i wont there arent to many shades of green that i like

I’m gonna go with that pealescent salsa red you mentioned with the creame. That’ll look absolutely gorgeous. Except I’d be thinking about accenting the scoops with creame, perhaps along with the lower panels, instead of stripes down the sides.

It’s all a matter of taste.

what do you think about the 18 in boss wheels with some 10 in wide rubber on all four corners
and im gonna run a pin on 4in cowl hood but im also gonna paint the original too mach it too

I doubt you could get 10" wide rims/tires in the front, the rears will require some modification of the trunk floor

I like it, but I think Bscar may be right about the interference problems. Perhaps a 67 Chevelle website would have some details on the max sizes that’d work. Lord knows I seen plenty of late-'60s Chevelles with 10" wide tires on the rear…of course, I gi all the way back to when they were new cars!

I’m not big on hood pins, but it’s truely a matter of taste.