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my bf was driving my car the other night with me on a ONEWAY street and the car made a pop noise, all the lights dimmed and then the “check oil” light came on. We pulled over and turned the car on and then it wouldn’t turn back on. The engine was catching but it wasn’t working starting. We pushed the car onto the sidewalk and put the hazard lights on. There was a puddle from where the car broke down once we moved the car. By the time the AAA guy came my battery had died, which was weird. There was also a puddle from my car on the sidewalk and it wasn’t oil…it was water. I took it to these mechanics and the guys sound iffy…they said it was my timing belt, then they called a day later and said it isn’t the timing belt it is the waterpump that is bad. But they still don’t know why my car won’t start. I’ve always had my “check engine light on” but its been checked and they said “its just a glich”. Do you think its my computer? What could be wrong?