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Please Help! 2000 Dodge Stratus died while driving wont start back up!

I need some help, This is my daily driver and i have kids i need to get back and forth to school. This car has not had any trouble at all with me. Very well kept. No check engine light or anything. I was driving down the interstate when all of a sudden my car just died/ gave out i pulled over to the side shut it off, it was not running hot. Opened the hood but couldn’t find any problems, i have tools, and a multi meter can someone point me in the right direction please. I have the multi meter what should i check first? I know fuel/spark/compression is the main thing right? I don’t think it was fuel related because it was not sputtering when it gave out, or hasn’t had any problems spurting in the past, i will add that it starts on the 3rd try but other than that nothing. I have a code reader but the check engine light isn’t off and its pulling 0 codes off any help will be so much appreciated. We just had a new baby an then this happens :frowning:

Does this car have a timing belt?

If so… have you ever replaced it?

My concern is the timing belt may have broken.

The 2000 stratus does have a timing belt & is interferanse.

This can NOT be a timing belt issue. OP says the engine will start on third try. Timing belt goes…it won’t start until fixed.

You say it starts on third try…what does that mean? It starts, but won’t go? Need more clarification.

What exactly were the symptoms when you say it just died? What died? You said you had to shut it off…what did you shut off?

yes it does i checked it and it didn’t break off

the battery is reading around 11.5 and it just clicks, i know thats a little low but it should atleast attempt to turn over right? I have a 12v battery charger on it now to try to get it up.

before it died while i was driving it, it would always start on the 3rd try i just wanted to throw that in there to narrow things down if possible. The car “Before” had no issues what so ever, the only problem it would start on the 3rd try and drive perfectly. Yesterday i was driving down the interstate and it just shut off on me, i pulled to the side it did seem to idle a little low and i shut it off. It didn’t not over heat what so ever.

I have a multi meter so anything that i can check to narrow things down i have no problem doing.

Just to be clear… are you saying the car used to start on the 3rd try… but now it won’t start at all?

Also, just clarifying… are you checking the timing belt or the serpentine (fan) belt? Some folks get them confused. You generally can’t check a timing belt as easily as the serpentine belt because it’s a bit buried inside the engine.

Before the car did this it would start on the 3rd try not right now just in the past. The belt i was checking was the one that runs with the alternator. Someone also said it could have been the alternator is that possible for it to die in flight like that?

right now it only clicks the battery died so fast it was hard to believe. That is why i think it possibly could have been the alternator. Someone said the car could have ran for about a hour with a full battery.

You checked the serpentine belt, not the timing belt. If you are lucky this is an alternator and battery problem. You did not say but if this thing is still on the interstate you should have it towed before it is impounded.

No its back home, i got a battery charger hooked up to it now trying to get the battery charged. How can i check the alternator. I really appreciate any help, we just had a baby and getting back in forth to the store and doctor right now is pretty important.

Most states will allow places like Autozone and others to test batteries and alternators .

yes there is a place right up the road that rebuilds them for like 30 bucks just wanted to diagnose it first

when a timing belt breaks i’m sure there is a lot of vibration? I was doing around 75mph when the car just quit and there wasn’t any hesitation, i just couldn’t give it anymore gas, pulled to the side shut it off. It would start but wouldn’t turn over after about 5 trys the battery was completely dead.

I’ve never had one break one me personally…

But from what I gather, when the timing belt breaks, the engine just dies immediately. No vibration, no warning.

I fear, unfortunately, that’s what happened here. Again, have you ever had yours replaced?

I’m not the original owner of the vehicle so i can’t say for sure if it was replaced or not.

I still don’t think so. Says the engine was idling when he shut it off.

Clicking when trying to start it - tells me electrical. But you probably would have see signs - diming lights, rough idle.

Charge the battery and if it starts, then a quick test for an alternator…is with the engine running at a high idle then measure the battery voltage. If alternator is working you should get a reading around 14.8 volts.

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Truly, I hope I’m wrong. I’ve been there before with a new baby, and I have sympathy for you.

Having said that…if it were me, I’d have the car towed to a mechanic for a diagnosis. We can only tell you so much over the internet.

Good luck to you.