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Strange turn of events

I have a 2013 Jetta 2.5 se. The driver running light (fixed) and passenger low beam went out st same time. I tried replacing the low beam and the new bulb won’t light up. I started looking st fuses and now the Epc, abs, transmission and all other lights are on. The speedometer doesn’t work and the gas gauge goes up and down randomly. It’s also running like crap? Any suggestions on what happened with fuses before I take it to the dealership? Any help would be appreciated.

Best to check the fuses with a test light and not remove them, it is much faster. Once I removed a few fuses during testing, afterwards the PCM was dead. I thought the PCM had failed, after retracing my steps I discovered that I reinstalled the fuse in the wrong slot, there are unused slots in the fuse block.

Double check the fuse positions.

Sounds like you may have knocked a ground wire off.

I would doubt that it is a problem with ax fuse, as most of those systems use seperate fuses.

Retrace your steps. If you had to remove a component (s) to get to the lights, you may not have reattached a ground as @Mustangman mentioned. Or a wiring harness plug got unplugged while you were standing on your head trying to unplug the headlight bulb.
We all know that only a gumby can easily reach these bulb sockets.


Yea I will look into this now. I had to have my brother remove the running light bulb the car worked fine but when I messed with fuses that’s when the problem occurred.

Wanted to offer an update in case anyone has ideas. Fuses are all working except slot 7, 8, 18, 19 and 34. Replaces them and the tester still doesn’t light up. Maybe a harness got unplugged but I can’t find anything that got unplugged. Fuses are all in correct locations as I went through them all with the diagram I have.

If those fuses are in the dash panel then they are most likely tied to a larger fuse in the panel under the hood. If all those fuses are good then check the connector to that panel and make sure it is making good connection. If all that is good then either the connection between the panels has a problem or there may be a problem with the ignition switch contacts tied to that section of fuses.