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2002 Volkswagen Jetta - Do I need a fuse?

My left taillight burns out frequently in my 2002 Jetta GL.

I don’t know much about cars, and hate fooling with them; plust, I hardly ever drive, so having to fix anything is a nuisance.

Anyway, my guess is I need a fuse. The question is, are these easy to change in this car? How do I know which fuse is the right one to change? Thanks,

A bad fuse won’t cause the bulb to burn out. Usually, too-high voltage from the alternator (not likely here if this is the only bulb burning out), excess vibration, or crummy quality bulbs would be the culprit.

Vibration, moisture or corroded contacts, but not a fuse will cause this. It is also possible that you have the wrong type of replacement lamp.

Thanks to both of you. So, if I have the wrong replacement lamp, is it possible that it would work for a while, and then burn out? Because, it does work when I first replace it.


Unless you are putting in 6V bulbs, that’s not it either.

As a start, ensure the socket is clean (dielectric grease is okay; in fact, it’s beneficial) and the wiring connections and ground are clean and tight.

Another thought: Is there any possibility that water is leaking into the taillight and hitting the hot bulb? What do the burned-out bulbs look like?