Strange thing going on

I have a 88 Ford Ranger that is acting really strange. I will be driving along and all of a sudden it starts to bog down and Shake, spit and sputter. It also starts smoking a little. Here is the strange part, If I turn the key off and on real quick it starts running fine again for about a quarter of a mile and then it starts doing the same thing again. Things I have done are: replaced the fuel pump, cleaned out the gas tank. changed out the fuel regulator. Something else is that some days it runs fine and other days it does not. Turning a corner really sharp also seems to cause it to happen.

Where does it smoke from? “Smoking a little” can mean a lot of different things. What color smoke? Smell?

You replaced the fuel pump & regulator - filter? Have you actually checked the fuel pressure? That’s the only way to know.

How old are those plugs & wires?

Any signs of coolant in the oil or vice versa?

I believe the smoke is white.
Yes, I replaced the fuel pump, regulator and filter.
Fuel pressure was tested.
Replaced plugs and wires recently.
No signs of coolant in the oil or vice versa.

Ok the smoke is white - and coming from where?

Have you lost any coolant?

My bad, I’m assuming it is coming from the tail pipe. I can check on that to make sure.
I do have a leaky radiator.

Also note the smell of the smoke when you find it.

I think that you should check the compression.