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Car stalls

my daughter’s '96 truck cuts out - usually when cold but also when warm. Have replaced fuel filter, ignition switch, plugs,treansfer case which is incidental, cleaned injectors and added cleaner to gas tank,cleaned throttle position butterfly,replaced battery - incidental,then cleaned gas tank, replaced fuel pump, fuel filter again, and finally computer. Car ran great for a day then started being rough again and cut out yestedrday. She complains of vibration under her feet as well. Any suggestions?

You did so many things to her 1996 Ford Ranger (which engine?) that it’s hard to say what may have fixed it for a day.
Have you checked the fuel pressure, especially, with the engine under load (A/T in drive at 2,000 rpm for 2 or 3 minuets; or M/T in 2nd, 2,000 rpm, drive wheels raised on jacks, brakes loading the engine)?
Check for missing sparks from the spark plugs (wires). Some wires may not be fully seated on the spark plug, or the other end.

the ranger has a 4.0 liter engine, automatic, with 185,000 miles. my buddy says it is just tired, but i will tell my mechanic to check the ignition wires and the fuel pressure under load. I was thinking of a blockage in the filler neck as gas pumps occasionally quit early, or something to do with a load on the engine at a stoplight like the brakes or transmission.Thanks for the suggestions - will let u know.