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Strange noise

Hi everyone. i’ve been driving my 1990 Mustang convertible since I drove it off the showroom floor back on 5/10/90. Up until a few years ago it had been my daily driver.

Last week, I started hearing a dinging sound (3 dings followed by two quick ones and then it starts over again and it’s constant). It sounds a bit like the typical noise the car would make when the door was open-- except that ‘alarm’ has been nearly silent for a few years.

It originally sounded like it was coming from behind the two center of dashboard

air vents. But a closer inspection of the sound locates it to below the steering column in the area of the heating vents near the drivers’ well.

One other thing that MAY lend a hand:

This is the first Mustang model w/ a drivers’ side airbag. Sometime around 1995? the AIRBAG light started blinking in the control cluster. My dealership dissuaded me from opening up the dashboard for a piddling light so it remained ignored (didn’t even cover it w/ a piece

of electrical tape!!!)up until last spring. Last spring I had my mechanic change out the original steering wheel including remnoval of airbag and replace it w/ an aftermarket wheel. Even w/ the removal of the airbag the ‘AIRBAG’ warning light STILL flashed away like mad.

Until a few weeks ago-- the blinking light has been replaced by a strange warning like ‘dinging’ …

Any ideas?