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Strange Clicking sound in the steering wheel Toyota Corolla 1999

On my 1999 Toyota Corolla I hear a strange clicking sound each morning just when I start the car and as soon as I turn the steering wheel. It sounds like some plastic “flapping”. After doing it 2 or 3 times, it stops and continues all day without the noise. Went to my local mechanic but he did not dare to look much around it because of the air bag and any accidental activation of it. Any ideas so I can solve this problem?

What is wrong with airbag?
Did he hear noise?
Never heard of accidental activation of airbag, please explain.
Do you mean when you turn key or after it is running?

A possible source of the problem is a broken clockspring in the hub of the steering wheel.
Trust me, your present mechanic will look like a deer in the headlights if you suggest to him that he check the clockspring and replace it if necessary.

Get a new mechanic who knows how to work around airbags without causing them to deploy.


Nothing is wrong with the airbag. The noise I hear is like a plastic part that goes “flap flap flap” the first minute or so. I turn on the car, and as soon as I turn the steering wheel I hear the noise. After a minute, I do not hear the noise again until the next morning.

I did not state, nor did I imply, that there is anything wrong with your airbag.
However, the proximity of the clockspring to the airbag is likely to produce panic in your present mechanic.

As I said, get a new mechanic who knows how to work around an airbag without causing it to deploy.