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Strange noise while driving

While driving yesterday I heard a loud noise that sounded like someone sharpening a tool on a grinder. I stopped checked under the car and could see nothing there that would cause the noise. While car in neutral I checked under hood and raced the engine and everything sounded normal. Drove on for a short distance and heard the noise again while this time driving around 50mph in 5th gear. Stopped the car let it idle for a few minutes then drove to my home for another 15min. and no noise. Could it be a wheel bearing or maybe the clutch causing the noise.? The car is a 2005 with just under 20,000 miles

My guess based on the description and the milea would be that you’re hearing a brake wear indicator. It’s a metal “feeler” that touches the spinning rotor when the pads wear beyond a certain point.

Have the brakes checked. Post back.

Thanks for that advice. sounds logical to me. Will have the breaks checked.