Strange Noise in new 2008 Honda CRV

In driving home on the interstate just after purchasing a new 2008 Honda CRV LX AWD, we noticed a strange intermittent noise coming from inside the car. It sounds exactly like high frequency microphone feedback or a ringing in the ears. Although hard to localize, it seems to be coming somewhere from the right front of the car on the inside (it is not motor or drivetrain related). It sounds electronic, and is not correlated with speed (occurs anywhere from 45-80 mph), acceleration, braking, or turning. It occurs with all windows closed, and even with the radio and air conditioner off. It occurs sometimes at a barely audible level, but other times can be fairly loud (like a clearly noticeable ringing in the ears). It has not occurred during in city driving, and we may go for 3-4 miles on the interstate without hearing anything. Sometimes the sound seems to “stutter” a bit when it is occurring, but always at the same frequency. The dealer is puzzled, and needless to say we are not happy about this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the same problem. I brought it to the dealer this morning & the service manager was able to hear it on the highway, but couldn’t figure it out. Have you solved your noise yet? Thanks for any help you can give!!

Your description of the noise is the closest to the sounds I hear with my 2002 Honda CRV AWD. The noises happen with mine on city streets (actually usually the same stretch of road) going from 0 - 40 mph. As you described sounds like high frequency microphone feedback with a rhythmic tone. It usually lasts a few seconds and then may recur after a few seconds more, sometimes at a lower level. Then I can drive many, many miles without hearing it at all. I am reluctant to take it to the dealer as they probably won’t hear it. Have you had any luck determining the problem with yours?