2010 Honda CRV Weird Sounds

Two odd sounds have started in my 2010 Honda CRV with 20,000 miles. Any idea what they might be?

1. At 30-45 mph I hear a birdy whistle/tweeting I think coming from the front of the car. I can’t hear any other time. I’ve tried turning off the A/C, doesn’t go away. Checked all the windows, they’re all closed. Any ideas?

2. When accelerating onto the interstate into higher gears I get a “beep” during a high gear shift (not sure which gear it is, just that it’s a higher gear while accelerating onto the interstate).

3. When pressing the unlock button I get the usual “click” and then a “whoosh” or maybe “phish”. A little extra sound like it’s trying to do a little something extra.

Any ideas on what all these sounds are would help. Thanks.

Make that [i]“THREE odd sounds”[/i]

Isn’t this vehicle under warranty? You should be investigating these sounds with your local Honda dealer.

The owner’s manual may have some information about the “beep” at higher speeds.


And I’ll bet the Beep has something to do with mileage, perhaps overdrive.