Strange jingling sound coming from new coilovers (video included)

(video of the sound it makes from my dash)

(picture of suspension)

I had some new Tein (Advance z) coilovers installed on my car. Its been driving wonderful but when going over bumps, I hear this high toned/ metal on metal jingling noise which almost seems like a loose washer or loose coins bouncing around.

Does anyone have any clue what might be the cause of this?

I don’t hear anything from the video.

Did the front strut assemblies come with upper mounts? I am guessing YES. Are those upper mounts lacking any rubber? I am guessing YES. Are those upper mounts metal spherical mounts that look something like THIS?


I am guessing YES…

Get used to the noise. It won’t go away, it will get worse. It is there because you removed the factory mount that used rubber to isolate road noise and replaced it with steel that doesn’t isolate road noise.

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Hi Mustangman!

This specific coilover requires reusing the oem upper mounts which are rubber. (a new oem set of upper mounts were used during the installation)

The sound in the video can be hard to hear unless you turn up the volume. Are you able to hear the “jingle”

No, I stated in my reply I could not hear it.

Smart phones make for lousy recording devices when trying to record vehicle noises.


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It may just be the angle of the pics but it looks like there is very little clearance between the components. They may be making contact when the suspension compresses.

Sorry for your troubles.

But…this is yet another of example of the folly of trying to “improve” over OEM engineering and design…

Good luck.


Nah, there are plenty of instances where the OEM engineering/design is lackluster and can be improved via the aftermarket. The OEM shifter on my Mustang was crap. But an aftermarket three-post bracket/short shifter, and uprated transmission mount bushing provided significant improvement.