Strange intermittent cyclic noise

I have a Mazda5 manual petrol which has covered 138,000 miles - has had lots of suspension parts changed/ brakes all round and now recently has been making the weirdest loud noise on first pulling away and at low speed - it is a cyclic noise but not your regular wheel bearing noise - to me it sounds a bit like a monkey howling!!!
I have managed to catch a bit on a video but struggling to upload
Any thoughts ?

My guess: If worse when slow speed turning, or worse slow speed turning one direction than the other, good chance of a CV joint problem. Ask your shop to inspect all four CV boots. Any of them split, grease coming out?

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My first thought was a slipping accessory belt. Try this- does the noise change in any way depending on acceleration rate? Try taking off slower or faster and see if the noise changes. The biggest load on the accessory belt is during take off and if loose or worn out, they tend to squeal then.

Sometimes spraying a mist of water on an accessory belt can be diagnostic. I use one of those cheapo plastic spray bottles. If the noise stops, pretty good chance the belt needs to be adjusted or replaced.

… and/or the tensioner needs to be replaced.

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