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Squeaky Squeal after driving

Hello!. I’ve got an issue with my 2008 (gen1) Mazda 6 (6 cylinder). The car makes a high pitched (as opposed to a low pitched rumble) “airy/raspy” squeaking noise while moving. It doesn’t make any odd noises in park. It sounds like it’s coming from the front of the vehicle and maybe louder from the front passenger side. When I start the car up in the morning it doesn’t make noise. After about a mile or so it starts. It seems to get more pronounced the more it’s warmed up. The noise doesn’t change pitch although it seems to oscillate a little bit.
I’ve had the brakes checked at the shop and they say it’s not them. I had 'em change out the front pads ( and resurface the rotors ) just in case. I took it back to the shop and they couldn’t locate it.
Do you think it could be belt / pulley related?

** It doesn’t increase/decrease when the A/C is turned on and off so I don’t think it’s the A/C compressor. **

It might be part of the trim around your windshield on the passenger side hitting the airstream. Does it only squeal while your moving? I had this problem on a Jeep Cherokee and it was hard to figure out until I ran my fingers along the trim. It was only about 1/2 inches long but it sounded like a wounded banshee.

I thought it may be the same thing. I investigated that already, but it does it at a pretty low speed ( 10mph) and continues at that same level until it gets drowned out by road noise. Personally it sounds like some sort of friction. I’ve been waiting until it becomes loud enough to be obvious to the mechanic what the cause is.

Noises like this drive me crazy

A belt/pulley should make the noise in PARK. How about when you rev it up a little (or a lot) in PARK?

No noise in park. I’ve sat in my garage and rev’d it up and no noise. I’ve dropped it in neutral and rev’d … also no noise. When it’s moving over 5-10 mph it makes the noise. I was thinking maybe the load from moving was putting tension on the belt ( or maybe the tensioner itself?) When the car is rolling ( like in parking lot ) and I drop it into neutral … it still makes the noise ( no change, pause etc )

Stopped by my auto mechanic after work and they had a tech go for a ride along and then get it up on a rack. Seems like the noise is coming from the carrier bearing. They shot some lubricant in there and the noise went away! I’ll see how long it lasts for, however it’s nice to know what the offending source is!

Maybe you’ve seen this:

Thanks, when I got home from the shop I started Googling and found that article. Doesn’t seem too common of an issue