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Odd hum in '02 Focus

For quite a long time I have had a loud hum when I hit 60 mph. As I approach 60 and then excede it, the hum is lower when slower and higher past 60. The noise drops off at approximately 45 and 70. The noise is louder with 4 snow tires on, but it was definitely there with my regular tires. Putting in the clutch doesn’t change the sound until the speed drops, and neither does turning. My Focus has never been a quiet car, but this hum is very noticeable. I am planning to trade in the spring but wonder if the noise could indicate something unsafe. Clearly, I don’t want to take it to Ford and ask them to drive and listen. Ford took me and my car for $600 recently, all to remove the check gas cap and service engine lights so I could pass a NY inspection.

My vote is for a wheel bearing. After a good highway run, feel your wheels and see if one of them is hot.

Or it could be your tires.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I guess I need to trade sooner than later.