Strange Elelctrical Issues on 2002 Buick Rendevous

My rendevous is acting quite weird. Clock wont keep time, like the battery has been disconnected. My AWD light comes on saying that it is Off and Security Light message appears. No error codes appear though. Also, I know it is cold but my battery is only 2 years old and lately I have had to jump it a few times. When it does start, it turns over really slow. HELP!! IDEAS?

It sounds like the alternator may not be charging the battery as it should be and the battery has a low charge on it. Make sure the belt is snug and check the connections to the alternator. Make sure none are loose and the battery connections are clean and snug tight (not over tightened though). It would be a good idea to have a load test check done on the charging system to see if the system is in good shape. If something is wrong that test should find the trouble area. There could also something draining the battery while the engine is off so have the shop check for excessive current drains also. Normal current drain should be less than 35 milliamps when systems are in the sleep mode.

There may also be a faulty connection to the clock memory circuit that causes the clock to lose the time after the ignition is turned off. Hopefully that trouble will clear after the charging trouble is found and fixed.

Thank you for your help. I will get on that at once. Hopefully it is something simple. But it is electrical, so doubtful. Thanks again, I will keep you posted.