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2004 Buick Rendavous AWD

Help, help, help!

I am the 2nd owner of a 2004 Buick Rendezvous All wheel drive with a serious electrical problem. All of the following symptoms are intermittent and occur frequently and in no particular sequence and in various combinations:

- Car will not start

- Information Center cycles through various messages i.e. ?Check Engine?, ?Low Fuel?, ?Fasten Seat Belts?, etc.

- Radio/CD will not work

- Air Conditioning won?t work

- Dash gauges (odometer, fuel level, etc.) don?t work

Car has been at Buick dealer for two weeks and they have not been able to find the cause. They have replaced several modules including the BCM. They thought it might be the Radio/CD and/or the On Star but they were OK. Nothing has resolved the problem.

Any thoughts or ideas?

GM Advises Technicians Working On Vehicles With These Symptoms To Remember The Basics.

Replacing several modules hasn’t worked. That sounds like the “replace the parts until it runs approach”. Have they followed procedures in GM’s own TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued to help fix cars with these problems? Have they carefully checked / tested all electrical connections pertaining to these systems?
Sometimes you just have to get down to the basics and do the dirty work.

GM TSB #03-06-04-012A, August 2005, says that sometimes just unplugging a wiring harness connection and plugging it back in can remedy these problems and possibly others, too.