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2002 Highlander sluggish startup

I drive a 2002 Toyota Highlander. Lately my car has been sluggish in cranking. My husband has checked the battery which tested okay. He did clean the posts and connections on the cables. However, I have noticed that “periodically” after cranking the car the clock is not registering the correct time and some of the info areas do not show up automatically. If not the battery is it possibly the alternator?

Was the battery “load” tested? I’ve had batteries that tested ok with a voltmeter, but the voltage would drop off once a load was applied. This voltage drop off may be the cause of the clock resets. If it’s the original battery, I would replace it. If not, consider taking the battery to an auto parts store and having it load tested.

Ed B.

Many parts stores will test the battery and the charging system for free. I’d suggest a visit. At 6 years old your battery is probably 'bout due for replacement.