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Strange electrical issues

I have a 2009 Pontiac g6. Accidentally left the windows down and the sprinklers got the inside a bit wet. Turned the key and nothing would happen the radio display would say locked. Disconnected and reconnected the battery started up and ran fine for about 15 minutes. Got to the gas station and was airing my tires when all the sudden my wipers and 4 ways turn on. I can’t get them to turn off and the car also won’t turn off. I could remove the key and the car would stay running. Pulled the fuel pump fuse to shut it off. Opened all door and let it dry for a few hours. Replaced fuses and now when I try and start it I get nothing. Check engine light come on and when I actually turn the key all the way my chimes and dash lights for at night come on. I can hear a tiny clicking noise right by the cigarette lighter area but that’s it.

Electrical problems can be a nightmare when they start happening and I don’t think the “internet mechanics” on this site can troubleshoot that for you. You need to take your car to a reputable independant mechanic.

If you have Comprehensive coverage on this vehicle call your insurance agent . You might be able to pay the deductible and have it repaired . Either way this is not a do it yourself problem.