Dead Pontiac- Best guess?

2002 Grand Prix- Wife leaves store, tries to start car- key turns but car is dead- no click, not radio,lights,clock,gages except for fuel gage which acts erraticaly. Battery is fully charged, connections to posts are tight-Several attempts at turning key, inserting and removal= nothing- on last attempt to remove key, lock would no longer go to the OFF position- can turn key to ON but not remove it from cylinder-

Any best guesses as to what the problem(wiring,lock cylinder, ?) is will be greatly appreciated.

The voltage has dropped too low to allow the ignition key to be removed. There are still poor wire connections, somewhere. A mechanic, with electrical knowledge and a voltmeter, should check it out for you.

I was at my repair shop this am and a customer was in ahead of me with this same problem. (the car had been towed in)

The shop owner/tech suggested a new key cylinder was needed.

Reason? A too heavy key chain broke the key cylinder.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later the car was out of the shop and back on the road.

Meanwhile, I had to wait for new heavy duty shocks for my van.

The 2000 Olds Silhouette has (I should say, HAD) a self=leveling air shock system.

Guess how much the GM dealer wanted for ONE new one? $465!!! Dealers are stickin’ it to the consumer because of their own mistakes.

Another surprise. Ford charges $1200 per corner for air ride shocks! These are not self-leveling. Just air shocks.

Prices above are CDN.

I seen Monroe air shocks on a website (US) for $167 a pair + shipping. These are not self-leveling air shocks either.