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My car struggles to start? Help needed badly

Few weeks ago I accidentally left my windows down and it poured rain then the next day my doors kept locking by themselves going crazy. They kept locking nonstop even without my car running. I don’t have a button on my keychain to unlock my car since the car is older (2007). Few days after my locks finally stopped locking themselves my car struggles to start. I don’t believe it’s my starter because it doesn’t make a clicking sound or screeching sound. It takes me like 3 times before it actually starts up. The sound is just a really slow start up and you can tell it’s trying to turn over but it struggles. Once it starts up it’s fine don’t have any problems. But today it’s already done it 2 times this morning which that has never happened. Before it would struggle to turn over and then a few days would go by without issues then it would do it again but it’s getting worse. I have got my battery checked by autozone and they said it was good. Maybe I should add that my radio has display issues the sound works just doesn’t display the lights. So could it be an electrical problem? I’m only 19 and very dumb when it comes to cars and I’m afraid to take it to someone bc they’ll take advantage of me. Had it happen a few times in the past.

I think you may have a parasitic drain on the battery. The rain has shorted something out and this is draining your battery just enough to make for a difficult starting.

Look for a auto electronic’s shop in your area.


This is why Yelp and things like that exist. Of course you have to read the reviews and determine which ones are real. The other thing is to ask friends and relatives where they might go for this problem.