Storing Gas Cans in Condo

With the price of gas soaring, it’s cheaper for me to go over the border and get gas. However, I live in a condo so my storage options are limited. Would it be safe to store 40 litres of gasoline in my condo’s storage room? It’s ventilated, dark, cold, and there’s no source of any sparks. The gas would only be there for two to three weeks.

I couldn’t find any concrete answers online. Any input is much appreciated.

Thank you

EDIT: I should add that this storage room is in the pakade area away from anyone’s home. Concrete building.

If this is inside of a dwelling where people live, you are putting their lives at risk. Gasoline is too volatile to store inside. If you can’t store it somewhere safe, then don’t store it.


I sure wouldn’t want to be your neighbor…


Back in the bad 70’s I would store an extra 20 gallons in my attached garage so I would be sure to be able to get to work. I had no problem with it and I normally now don’t have more than 5 gallons.

However I suspect your condo assn would have some restrictions on this so check the rules. You also might want to consider the more expensive safety gas cans that will vent vapors if they get too great. Then remember that gas fumes are heavier and end up near the floor and can creep along to an internal or external source of combustion like a water heater.


Your condo association very likely has rules against that… or their insurance carrier does.


10 gal gas is $50 in US.
It’s how much cheaper in Mexico?
People are tight.

Someone stole the 3 gallon gas can from our little motor boat. The new can does not vent out,only in if the vent control was open. It is a $60 tank 2 or 3 years ago. Sitting in the sun the pressure would build up so high gasoline would spew out of the motor. Had to leave the gas cap slightly open to prevent that.

If I were on the condo board, I’d have you removed from your unit.


No mention was made of the location but a look showed the price of gas was approx. 4.14 in El Paso and 3 something in Jaurez. I don’t see that being beneficial from a gas savings standpoint or car wear and tear costs.

Another factor. You say a storage room but does that mean that it is yours only or is it a common storage facility?
You say there is no ignition source in that room. What causes gas to explode is the vapors. So what IF vapors accumulate in that room and a static discharge from your hand to the door knob on the room was to occur?

I seriously doubt the condo management and other residents would want you to do this anyway.


This person could not find lots of web articles saying that this idea of storing gasoline is dangerous. And there are lots of them and a simple call to the local Fire department would let them find out if it was legal .

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Here’s another vote that this is a terrible idea.

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… unless the OP is eager to win a posthumous Darwin award.



If the question is a sincere one, this is not the best place to ask. The fire department is.


Look at the bylaws for your condo. If you don’t have a copy, ask for one from the condo board of directors. You don’t need to tell them why you want it. If they ask, just say you want to have an easy reference if you ever need it.

Bylaws might not include “don’t store gasoline in common areas” clause, doesn’t mean it’s ok.


I don’t think this person has even thought this foolish idea through . First he has to purchase at least 8 gas cans of the 5 gallon size which might be too heavy to actually use . They will not stack so shelves might be needed . I doubt if he could save enough to pay for the cans . Also if someone sees him refueling they might come back that night and steal his gas.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea but on the other hand, I’ve got about 40 gallons of gas stored in my garage right now, with two cars filled. Seems safe.

40 liters will fit in two 5 gallon gasoline containers.


Based on the wording of the question by the original poster, I gather he lives in Canada and means it’s cheaper to buy gas here in the US.

So based on the 40 liter scenario, and assuming gas is $8/gal vs $5/gal, the cost savings would be about $30. I can’t see a trip over the border and storing gas in cans being worthwhile to save $30.

Now if he were bringing gas over the border 200 gallons at a time…

It would be safer to store as little gasoline as possible of course, but imho storing two 5 gallon containers for short periods in approved-for-gasoline containers would probably be legal. The biggest risk is probably when pouring them into the vehicles, spills etc. So that should be done outside with all gasoline safety precautions, including a big fire extinguisher on hand. Doing this could also be an evap-emissions EPA violation, don’t know about that. In general I don’t think OP is getting enough bang for the buck given the risks involved w/ this idea.

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