Storing Gas Cans in Condo

Well don’t tell the epa but I pour gas into my mower and blower etc without capturing the fumes farmers too.

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If I remember right a few years back I read about a study that was done in Tennessee that said several thousands of gallons of as was spilled by just overfilling the lawn mower tanks each year.

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He aid 40 liters not 40 gallons.

I think there may be state laws about how much gasoline you can store. I don’t where you are. In the US there is a colored sign that tells firefighters about the presence of flammable substances stored. Would that be required? There are vehicles with 50 gallon gas tanks after all. Sometimes the rules for fuel stored in a factory fuel tank is are different from stand alone fuel containers. Obviously you are allowed to have a scooter or generator or lawn mower and a fuel container for that right? What if you bought a boat and made use of its 50 gallon tank? That would have to be allowed. Diesel is fuel oil so the rules for storing oil may be different.

Just make sure the tanks are sealed well enough that the fuel doesn’t go bad or lose energy, and make sure that if it did get hot in there that vapors can vent out of the tanks before any damage from pressure is done.

First, I don’t think storing gas in Condo storage is a good idea.

If the OP decides to do it anyway and it isn’t covered in the condo rules, he isn’t totally responsible for the problem if it contributes to burning the building down. The condominium board is the acknowledged expert in this case. They have a lawyer, and will presumably get all the i’s dotted before publishing their rules. If not, they are still first in line for responsibility if the worst occurs.

The question was ‘is this a good idea’, not ‘will I be the first sued if the place burns down’.


I dunno. I remember I came across an LP grill stored in the office area at work. Turns out the guys liked to BBQ on Fridays. I kicked the LP tank out. I would have done the same if they had a 5 gallon jug of gas. Still the condo we were at forbid storing grills outside so had to be inside the attached garage. Plus they forbid having the garage doors open so the LP tank would be stored in an unventilated area. Who can argue with condo associations.

I think we have all become super afraid of lots of things and storing a couple 5 gallon jugs of gas in a ventilated and non attached facility probably is a very low risk to anyone. Certainly in these times there will be many other things tried that may be far worse. Still I have no regrets not allowing LP tanks where a couple thousand people may be affected, but a couple cans of gas in a garage? Really?


During a cycling trip I came upon a big parking lot in the rear of a public building with 5-10 LP BBQ’s strewn about among 75 parked cars. Guess who uses the parking lot ? The local code enforcement employees!! … lol …

Exactly. How many people do you know who have been injured or killed due to storing gasoline? Every car has at least 10 gallons in a plastic container under it.

Think how much more dangerous it is to have natural gas in your house. Leaving stove burners on with no flame can turn your house in to a bomb.