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2016 Honda CR-V - Storage Question

I am storing my vehicles for 77 days. My 2017 will be in the garage, with battery disconnected, the other(2016) will be outside of garage exposed to the elements of Vermont winter. Should I disconnect that battery too? and anything to prep it?

Fill the gas tanks of both vehicles, for 77 days stabilizer should not be required, but would do no harm. If you can’t add a battery tender and have it plugged in, I would remove the battery and keep it indoors.

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We have had very good luck storing a car outside in New England winters by disconnecting the battery and moving the negative cable away from the post. We actually place a rubber glove over it. For multiple years straight, the car has started on the first turn after we reconnected the battery. . We also fill the tank and go nuts with the rodent repellent. Just one data point