E-10 for car sitting extended period

Have a car that sits in garage for up to a month without being started. Should I be putting E-10 in car?

What are your concerns? Do you have access to E0? Do you drive it everyday for several months and than decide to store it for 1 month? What happens if you have 3/4 tank of e10 in car and decide to store it? Are you going to burn it up and than fill it with e0?

One month should cause no problems as long as you’re going through a tank every 3 months or less.

I wouldn’t worry about E-10, but the battery could probably use some help.

If you have a concern, dump some marine grade stabilizer for ethanol to ease your mind. A month should be no problem but just in case unforeseen circumstances make it much longer, I would help it some.

A month is nothing…

I let my extra pickup set for over two months while I was recovering from surgery and it started and ran fine. I agree with dagosa , use stabilizer for peace of mind and do not worry .

Airport parking lots are filled with cars that have been sitting for over a month, as are many garages housing “hobby cars”. A month isn’t long. I would add some stabilizer just to sleep better and definitely put a trickle charger on the battery, but other than that you should be fine.

don’t worry about something that isn’t an issue. 6-8 months would be the starting point to worry.

The only reason I would recomend dumping an additive into the gas for this short a time is that I have seen on several occasions where a stored car spent more time inactive then planned because of some unforeseen circumstance. We live in a vacation area and lots of my summer neighbors put their cars up for the winters with the plan they will be back in less then six to nine months. Generally there is no problem. But, on many occasions, someone gets sick or Ill and delays a return and when they do arrive, sometimes over a year later, starting the car becomes a real headache they did not plan on. I think it is prudent to prepared for the unforeseen and dumping in a little “insurance” can only help. It’s too late if a year or so goes by…it’s not retroactive.

The Stabil would be a “sleep aid”.