Storing a car for a few months

I have a 2007 Honda Fit and I will be out of the country for a few months. I have no garage and no where to keep the car. What should I do? Leave it in the street outside my daughter’s house and ask her to drive it occasionally or put it in a storage facility? I will be gone over winter but I live in south east NC where the winters are not so cold.

In your case I would just make sure your daughter looked after it and drove it regularly some distance. A few months is not a long timel; many slow selling cars sit on the delaer lots for much loger.

If you store it you don’t need to pay the collusion part of your insurance and that may save enough to pay for the storage.

Short drives are not a good way to store a car. Frankly most of the time a car is better off not being driven at all.

Remove the battery and store it where it can be attached to a battery tender and add a little fuel stabilizer before storing it. That should be all it needs. A few months is not long storage and many cars sit on car lots a lot longer than that and suffer no damage.

Good Luck