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How long can I garage a car

My daughter just left to go overseas for 6 mo. I have her 2000 Volvo sedan which is in god condition and want to keep it for her return. I would like to cancel her insurance for the 6 mo. but how bad is it to not drive the car for that long?

Take precautions that the fuel doesn’t degrade,the tires don’t get flat spots,rodents don’t take up home,myself I would remove the battery and buy new upon her return (others will “battery tender”) It may sound wierd but I would store it with clean motor oil in crankcase,try to fit a brake fluid flush in (either before or upon return to service) coolant and trans should be OK as they are (are you up on coolant changes?)Decide on if you want to cover car or not.

Six months ius not a long time; many slow selling cars sit on the dealer’s lot for longer. In addition to some of the above suggestions, I would only make sure the tank is full of fresh gas with stabilizer, the tires are properly inflated, and all holes (air intake, exhaust) are plugged up, preferably with steel wool to keep rodents out.

Remove the battery or put it on a tender if the car is tored indoors. I wuold also openm one window just a crack to keep the interior from getting too stuffy.

You’re keeping the comprehensive part of the insurance, I hope.

Gas stablilizer in a gas tank, ocassional (every month) start of an engine with little drive (drive should be long enought to heat up exhaust system, otherwise condensation in exhaust will rust through the exhaust pipe), oil change right after storage and keep pressure in those tires. That should help to keep car in storage for a few years with no problems later on.