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Putting my car in storage

Hi. I have a question about putting my car in storage for a bit. I’m hoping to take some time off and travel overseas for 6 to 9 months. If all goes well, I will have just paid my car off before I go so I don’t want to sell it, espcecially since I’ll be coming back and will need a car at that point.

Is it safe to put a car in storage for this long? What do I need to do to it to make sure I don’t come back to leaks, breaks, and otherwise shot parts? Any suggestions on places that will store a car? It’s a 2003 Subaru Forrester.


We have had many oposts on this. There rae various options. If you can leave rthe car with relatives or very good friends who will take it out for a long drive (20 miles or so) about every 3 weeks, that would be perfect. We did that when we went overeseas for 4 years.

Storing for this short period does or require a lot of care. Most posters will recommend fuel stablizer added to the gas tank, plugging the exhaust and air intakes to keep animals out, changing the oil before you leave, taking out the battery. Not much more. Many slow selling cars spend that much time on a dealer’s lot. If the car is stored inside, open a window just a crack to promote air circulation.

Storing it for a year or less, no problems should be expected.

Notify your insurance company. You should be able to drop collision and liability (the expensive parts) and keep comprehensive (fire etc.) Find a safe location, use a fuel stabilizer, filling the tank just before you leave. Disconnect the battery and best, remove it to a different location like your or a friends basement, making the car harder the steal. Consider rodents and other animals. Try to find a location away from them and if they are going to be around where it is stored, block their access by stuffing steel wool in the exhaust and air intakes. I would change the oil before leaving and remember some things like brake fluid changes etc. are based on time not miles so when you return check out needed maintenance.

Don’t have someone drive it, that is not really necessary and could cause as much if not more problems than not driving it at all. Save the insurance bills and don’t do it. Put it on blocks if you like. If you do I would remove a tyre or two and store them off site for the same reason as the battery. Modern tyres don’t get flat spots like the old tyres of the 50’s.

Good Luck and have fun.