Storing car

Hello everyone,
I may not have a chance to thank you later so thanks in advance for your replies.
I am going away for several months to Greece.
I currently live in NJ.
What to do with my car, a Honda Civic 1996? I definitely want to keep the car, and not sell it.
I can either leave it in a garage where no one will drive it the whole time, or leave it with a friend where it will be parked outside but driven once a month.
Which option sounds better?
Thank you!

Here’s what we do in Minnesota when storing our classic’s/hot rod vehicles during the winter.

Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fill the gas tank. Remove the battery. You can either put a battery tender on the battery to keep it charged or store the battery in a cool/dry place to minimize sulfation of the battery. But a battery that sits sulfates.

Stuff some stainless steel pot scrubbers in the exhaust pipe(s) and in the intake before the air filter. Critters can’t chew thru this, so they can’t store food or build nests inside the engine.

Place a note on the steering wheel to remind you to remove the scrubbers.

Then spread dyer sheets inside the vehicle. This keeps critters from entering the interior of the vehicle.

Then you can cancel the insurance while you’re gone. Money saver!

That’s about it!