Stopped running on Freeway

My 95 Pathfinder just stopped on the freeway. Due to snowstorm only going about 30 MPH. Just stopped and engine light came on. Couldn’t turn it over. No sputtering just went dead it seemed. After a few minutes I was able to start it again but couldn’t go forward - able to go in reverse although not far to try and get off road - died again. Of course diagnoses from cops to tow truck driver ranged from no gas (gas gage did not reflect that), alternator, fuel pump and electrical. Got towed home. Now can’t even put it in Neutral. Even though no keys there are noises - like a short? But am I imagining things? Wondering what might be in store and how to proceed.

My most likey GUESS is a weak fuel pump or partly clogged fuel line. Also, electrical malfunction for gearshift control.

You obviously need a detailed inspection on this one, by a compoetent mechanic.

You say you can’t put it in neutral. Was it is gear when it was towed? If so that’s not good. Manual or automatic transmission? Can you describe the noises you hear now? If there was water in the fuel system it may have frozen in the line and caused the engine to die, but there are too many other possibilities to narrow it down.

Thank you both for your comments. I’m not sure what gear it was in when it was towed, but prior I was able to put it in reverse and neutral. Automatic trans. My neighbor tried to give me a jump tonight but it won’t turn over. The noise I hear now, even with no key in ignition, is a fast ticking. I am trying to prepare for the worst - worse than no skiing this weekend? At least I only use it on weekends. I do have some faith in my mechanic, who keeps telling me its in good shape and I don’t need a new/different car. I am just surprised because it was just in for an oil change and trip check. I’ll stop my distressed ramble, thanks again!