Help, Audi die while driving 65/hr... no one can fix it for 3 weeks


Dear Help,

I got this strange strange issue with my 1994 Audi 90s. It has 160K miles on it, everything worked fine till 2 weeks ago, in a winter night, snow, -5F… I was driving on highway 39north just past Elpaso Il, doing 65mile/hr and engine suddenly died. After I pull over try to start to car, it would not start.

I have the car tow to the closest shop to check, and they said it both Crank sensor and Cam Sensor are bad. So they went ahead changed both and car still would not start. After a week of trying, they gave up. They split cost of parts with me and tow to the car to another place in Bloomington IL.

After the car get in, they start to working on it and could not find anything, just as there is not spark on the plugs, so they check the wiring and everything, and suddenly, the car start, and after the car start, they turn it off and start again. So they assume the car is fixed (no wiring is being replaced). Then I went to pick my car up last week, and continue going to 39 north to Milwaukee. After 1.5hr driving, the car died again as I was doing 65mile/hr on 39north!

This time, I got the car tow to another place in Rockford IL, after we arrived at this new Garage, after the car sit there for about 2hrs, it start again! However, I don’t think this is cost by over heating, because it was -5F outside.

I also noticed when car would not start, when u turn the key the fuel pump is continuously working as it is trying to get fuel in the engine. When it would start, the fuel pump would make a noise just for a few second and stop. One more thing, when the engine shut off on the highway, the check engine light was on, (this car, when u drive 55-65mile/hr the engine light will come on as last time I checked, it was a bad oxygen sensor, which should not make the engine shut off, right?)

3 days has past, people at new garage could not make the car die… and they could not find out what is wrong with it. Please help! It is -20F now in Milwaukee and Rockford. I for sure don’t want to be out with this car on highway 39 again…

Or maybe it is the highway 39, it does not like my car?

Million Thanks!

Shaw Wu


My first guess would be the fuel pump. Have you ever changed it?

First, though, check the fuel pump relay; then check the fuel pump. You say it sounds like it’s working hard…


You are over 160,000. You know what that means. It means that pleasedodgevan is gonna beg you to buy a new one or abandon the old one. I think you could have a weak fuel pump or a lousy relief valve of some sort. You can just feel the lack of Audi experience here. And your fuel line could be freezing due to water or the wrong gas line anti-freeze. Parts must be kind of expensive on the car… I used to have a car that would quit until I opened the gas cap. Oh what a feeling…