Stop me before I do something idiotic

I was looking at Hemmings and came across a 1958 Buick Limited 4 door hardtop in great condition. The Limited was a one year only model and was the most heavily chromed car of the heavily chromed 1950’s. I already have 3 vintage cars, and my wife has threatened to throw me out if I get another one. Someone please knock some sense into me!

Wow, what a great find. Go ahead,you only live once and think of the project. You could put blankets and a pillow in there for somewhere to sleep.


I hope you have a heated garage.

Lol. The best part is how the seller worded the ad, " the price is $31,000. $30,000 for the chrome and $1,000 for the car, sold as a package deal only".


Some Buicks, particularly the high priced models had air suspension that was quite troublesome. Many were converted back to a standard suspension.

This one was converted, but the compressor is still there., And it has the Flight Pitch ( triple turbine) Dynaflow.

Sounds promising. Suggest to sit at the breakfast table and strike a deal with the spouse. You’ll buy the car, and she’ll buy something she wants but doesn’t need.

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Wouldn’t work. We keep our finances totally separate. I don’t involve myself in anything she wants to buy.

hmmm … so what would be her main objection to the car-purchase then? No place to put it? Causes the yard to look unsightly to the neighbors? Takes up too much of your time?

No, I only have one collector car at the house, the other two are in a vintage car garage about 2 miles away. Her objection is simply because it’s something I enjoy.

lol … been there, done that … and never did find a solution to that particular problem.

She also said it will mean more work for her to sell when I die

hmmm … well what if you arranged for this car to be given to somebody you know who wants it at that unfortunate but guaranteed to happen time?


George, thank you, that’s a brilliant idea. October is when I usually review my estate planning, so that works well.


If she doesn’t have a horse in the race, what’s the big deal?

I see rust on the driver’s door jamb and the trunk sill, even though the ad says no rust. I’d definitely take a trip to AZ and inspect it closely. Although it looks like topical rust, it is in areas that are protected. I’d want to get it up on a lift for a look.

That 58 gm car line did indeed have available air suspension, even on the Chevy. Hopefully its been converted. Some may disagree, but I think the 58 and out of space 59s were some of GM’s prettiest.

That is so neat man, kind of cool that they left the compressor to keep things right. Whats the history on that DynaFlow, did it have “gears” or was it totally governed by pitch of vanes in tranny?

she knows where the door is since she pointed it out to you. tell her to use it.

The flight pitch Dynaflow was very special. It didn’t have any gears within the transmission proper, all the good stuff happened within the torque converter. There were three turbines. The first turbine was geared to the transmission input shaft with a low gear ratio. The second turbine was geared with a higher ratio, and the third turbine directly drove the input shaft. When the car started from a standstill, most of the oil flung from the impeller hit the first turbine. As vehicle speed increased, the oil flow gradually moved to the second turbine, and then to the third. No shifts were felt as there were no shifts. In addition, the stator blades had variable pitch which were controlled by a throttle linkage. This transmission was very sophisticated and very troublesome.

Unfortunately, she owns the house and no she’s a lawyer.