Still- Blower motor problems

I had posed a question sometime ago on a 2003 Astro Van Blower Motor as to how to replace. Unfortunately we have recently moved and I have yet to replace it. Here is my question: Do I or should I replace the entire motor fan and all, or could I just get away with replacing the motor portion only?

The fan, or squirrel cage, does not have to be replaced unless you break it while removing it from the old motor.
If the old squirrel cage is heavily coated with dirt then it should be thoroughly washed off before installing it on the new motor as the dirt can cause an imbalance and possibly cause some vibration problems.

If you can just buy the motor, go for it-- it’s usually pretty easy to change the fan part. But you can’t always buy just the motor.

Thank you. I did find a motor online at Advanced Auto parts for around $17.00 w/o wheel, but is a one terminal motor. I need to do some more research to find out what mine would be unless you could tell me.

been there done that what is the problem. if the motor only works on one or two positions the motor may be fine. in the ac housing is a relay that controls the fan speeds,look for a wire harness that is mounted with two screws half way down the case. this relay is about 50.00 at the dealer,when i was looking for it the dealer was the only source for the part. this worked for me in as i replaced the fan motor first because i had no low speed on the fan switch when i replaced the motor still no low speed…it was the relay…good luck jb

I appreciate that. My problem is that I have to tap on the houseing to get the motor to work at all. However, I didn’t think to check and see if the harness was loose