A/C and heater blower


I need to replace ny blower motor and am not a mechanic and don’t know where to start. Any advice would be appreciated

It is for a 2003 Chevy Astro AWD


Look either on the firewall under the hood, passenger side, or under the dash below the glovebox for the blower motor.

Once you find it, unplug the electrical connector, and remove the 3-4 screws that mount the blower motor to the firewall/blower housing.



Is the blower motor certified dead?

Reason I’m asking is you said you aren’t a mechanic.

I’m having doubts about a 2003 vehicle (especially a GM heh heh) having a dead blower motor.

If the fan speed only works on high then you need to replace the resistor block that’s bolted and wired to the blower.

Have you (or someone else) checked for 12V from the switch to the resistor block?


I agree. What makes you think the blower is bad? What are the symptoms?


i agree that you need to make sure the blower motor is the problem. Most blower motors are easy to change and since you don’t know where to start you should spend 20 bucks on a Haynes manual (NOT Chiltons).
Not only will this manual tell you how to do it but they generally show a few pics to help things along.

The manual will also come in handy in the future for other repairs so it’s not money being totally flushed.

Spending a couple of bucks on a cheap test light will help in diagnosing the problem. Unplug the blower connector and with the key ON and the fan switch ON, probe one of the two wire ends. One should illuminate the test light. If it does not then checking fuses should be the next step; just in case.
Assuming here of course that you do not have any fan speeds working.


I have had it checked some time ago and yes he checked the resister. The symptoms are that it will only work sperodically (such when you shut the passenger door or tap on the housing).


That’s the classic sign of a defective blower motor. And I wouldn’t hesitate in replacing it.



Thanks for all the tips. I’ll update you later