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Blower motor

I replaced the blower motor on a 2002 grand marquis and now it does not blow very strong, Do I have to do anything to get it to blow more

Was the complete blower motor replaced or was the squirrel cage changed over from the old one to the new one?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to mount the cage backwards?

Does the blower motor fan speed switch work correctly at all settings?

Was the blend door operating properly before you changed the motor?

Perhaps it got disconnected.

Was it one of those universal motors where you have to cut the connector off of the old motor and then splice the wires from the new motor on to that? If so, I would bet that you have the wires reversed, and the blower is turning the wrong way. That would reduce the airflow quite a bit.

You have two good suggestions. Why was the blower replaced to begin with? Is the air path clear all the way to the AC evaporator?

If the motor sounds like it’s not running very fast even when on the high setting, and if you reused the old blower wheel (squirrel cage) then what about the possibiity of forgetting the little washer that goes between those 2 items?

If the washer is left off the wheel can drag on the blower motor case and will be difficult or impossible to turn.

Put old cage on new one washer was thight when I switched, The fan blows a little more on each speed, Sounds like it is blowing really high on high and low on low but not alot of air is coming out on high,Everything worked fine till old motor went. Thanks for the help

The new motor came with the connector and the motor sounds like it is running perfect on all speeds just very little air comming out