Stiff gas pedale

I have a stiff gas pedal on my Toyota-Rav4 Model 1998, what can I do to loosen it up?


My guess is it’s a cable that controls this.

First thing I’d do is find out where the it’s connected on the Throttle body. Then disconnect the cable and see if it’s the throttle body linkage that’s sticking. If so then stray on some carburetor cleaner until it loosens up. DO NOT SPRAY ON ANY LUBRICANT LIKE WD-40. This linkage what’s known as a DRY linkage. Needs lubricant.

If the linkage isn’t the problem then it’s probably the cable. There really isn’t anything you can do here except replace the cable. Many times gunk will get inside the cable and gum it up.

If you mean that the pedal is hard to depress at first and then loosens up after that point, it could be caused from a build-up of deposits in the throttle body. Aquire an aerosol can of air intake/throttle body cleaner, remove the intake hose from the throttle body, and give the inside of the throttle body a good cleaning with the cleaner.


DO NOT USE CARBURETOR CLEANER ON A THROTTLE BODY. Use throttle body cleaner. Carb cleaner may damage sensitive sensors attached to the throttle body. Throttle body cleaner is a different formulation designed not to damage the sensors.