Sticky rear drum brakes

I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE that has a rear brake sticking problem. When this happens, as I pull away from a stop, the back end of the car raises slightly until the brake releases with a banging noise. It is intermittent and is predominantly the left brake that hangs. It is also temperature sensitive. It has rarely done this in the winter (I live in Minnesota).

I have replaced the brakes - shoes, drums, and hardware and it has made no difference. (I did a thorough cleaning of everything at that time and several times since. Sometimes but not always, after I adjust the brakes up, they work for a couple days, but then right back to it.

Along with cleaning are you lubing the proper places? and with what?
You say rear drums,any ridges on the backing plates,do you have a long shoe short shoe position to follow?
I am suspect of parking brake cables in a Mid-West environment.