Brakes sticking after brake job?


1997 Ford F150, V6, 2WD, Rear drums/shoes. I replaced the front brakes (calipers, rotors and discs) and they definitely are sticking. Took the wheels off and re-checked everything and re-bled lines but still sticking. This vehicle has rear ABS and I was wondering IF the rear brakes were gone, if that could cause the fronts to stick ?? The glides on the (new) calipers are fine as is the rotors and discs (new).


Check the rubber brake hoses to the front wheels. They sometimes fail internally and hold pressure on the system. It’s usually one or the other but you may have 2 bad ones.


I replaced the passenger side one when I did the brakes because it was nicked. The other one seemed fine. They seem to “grind” when the wheel is turned.


Did you clean the rotors. They were coated with a rust inhibitor that causes such problems if not removed. Soap and water will take care of it.