Can't seem to get this brake fixed

Recently have replaced drum brakes on my car. Soon after started having problems with the rear right brake being stuck after the car was parked. The car has been in different shops several times; they adjust the brake and it seems fine for a few trips, then the brake seizes again. Have had both the brake hose and the wheel cylinder replaced TWICE but no luck; any ideas on this??

Honda Civic 1997 standard transmission 158,000 miles, otherwise in good condition.

Sounds like you may have a frozen/sticking emergency brake cable. Have they checked that?

Wouldn’t both back brakes stick if it was the cable?

Not necessarily. The cable forms a “Y” and it’s possible for one branch of the “Y” cable to get stuck inside its sleeve.

I just called the shop and the guy said that the cable had been checked, and it didn’t seem to have any problems.

the only thing you have not replaced is the e-brake cable . that is where I would go next and there not very expnsive.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. The car is scheduled to be in the shop–AGAIN!–on Monday and I’ll talk to the guys about it. I’ll let you know if it works.

In the normal course of operating a repair shop, I have seen MANY rear drum brakes with self-adjusting linkage combined with the E-brake incorrectly assembled…upside down shoes, backwards mounted shoes, return springs not properly installed, automatic adjusters not properly assembled, you name it…One more thing, when a drum is worn beyond service limits, the extra room can allow the self-adjuster enough slop to keep ratcheting the star wheel until the brake locks up…You see this more on old pick-up trucks but it can happen on any self-adjusting drum brake…

The drum brakes are about a month old, so I don’t think the drum should be “worn beyond service limits”–unless they came like that. I hope not! The brake always works fine when I drive the car out of the shop. But it does seem that the wheel ratchets the brake tight after a few times parking the car. One of the mechanics said that the brake seemed to release itself as soon as he removed the wheel. And all the springs seemed to return to the correct position when he tested them.

WHERE is your repair shop?? Can I take my car there? (Only half kidding; I’m at my wit’s end and need to rely on my car.) I’m in upstate New York; are you anywhere near here?

I would have a Honda brake expert inspect the problem brake…Something is not right…

In cold weather there are often problems that cannot be duplicated in the shop because the temperature is warm enough to thaw the ice and soften the grease. Somehow that seems a likely part of the problem.