Sticking Brakes?

I have 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0. In Nov. I had the tranny rebuilt in Boston and also had new rotors and pads put on the front. By the time I got home, the truck was shaking badly when I hit the brakes. Since then, after it’s parked a while, (I drive it once a week or so) I can’t get it to move in “Drive”. Reverse works fine. I thought it was the tranny but if I increase the gas flow, the rear wheels will screetch, so I think the front brakes are stuck. AFter I’m able to “break” whatever’s holding them, the truck works fine. One of the rear wheel drum brakes is too tight and the wheel will feel pretty warm when I get it home and that will be taken care of but I don’t really think it’s the rear brakes or they wouldn’t screech when I hit the gas.

I think you need to take this back to whoever did the work and have them fix it!

Does this happen AFTER you apply the E-Brake? I was going to say it sounds like your E-brake cannot initially release itself…and then it eventually does…Your engine can and will overpower that E-brake and make it seem like its not even there.

How do you know about the rear drum? IF this is true…then it IS your E-brakes having issues releasing…and should go away when the shoes are adjusted properly.


I no longer use the emergency brake when I park it. I thought maybe that was at least part of the problem. I don’t get why my back wheels will turn (and screetch) if it’s the rear brakes or the E-brake. Seems like it’s the front. Also don’t know why reverse works fine when Drive won’t.

You probably have a rear drum stuck (the one that is heating up) either from being adjusted too tight, an emergency brake not releasing, or oil or grease on the shoes. The other rear tire is squealing because it is trying to move the car. You need to take this to a mechanic, go to the one who fixed it unless it is too far away.
It could be a bad brake hose or master cylinder but these are less likely.

DO THIS…go for a ride…say 20-30 min… Get out and feel your front wheel lug nuts…do the same on the rear…Were either of them HOT? If so you found the offending stuck/sticking brake