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Sticky Clutch Pedal

I recently had the clutch replaced on my 2001 Subaru, now the clutch pedal is sticking, could this be related to the clutch replacement or is this something else? I didn’t have such a great experience with the mechanic that did the work so I don’t trust him to tell me truthfully whether it’s possibly a warranty issue or not. The problem happens intermittently. I’ll push down on the pedal and when I release it it will only come back up half way. If you tap it with you toe it pops right up. Doesn’t seem to impact the functioning on the vehicle. Thoughts?

It could easily be as a result of the clutch replacement.

Out of curiosity, does the shop order say whether he replaced the throwout bearing when he did the clutch job? The TO bearing and the pressure plate assembly should have been replaced with the clutchplate.

Yes, this should be covered under the shop’s workmanship warranty…if they have on. Ask, and look at the small print on the shop order.

There’s actually a Subaru service bulletin that covers that issue:
Google “subaru service Bulletin 03-52-03R” and you’ll find it.

Did he bleed the hydraulic link between master and slave clutch cylinder?
He may not have done it correctly.

How far down must the pedal be pressed in order to shift? The pressure plate fingers may be going over center due to the clutch being adjusted too high or a miss-match of the throw out bearing and pressure plate.