2000 subaru outback clutch pedal sticking



I just had a new clutch (everything but the flywheel) installed 3000 miles ago. After driving for 45 minuets the clutch pedal starts to stay down just above the engagement point. i can lift it with my toe, and the clutch still works fine. Is that the slave cylinder? Or is there an adjustment I can make somewhere?


Are you losing clutch fluid?


Is your floor mat catching on the pedal?


fluids are fine i checked that a couple of times.


no the floor mat is not in the way.


Also after the car cools down for about 20 minuets it is fine again.


I have a 2002 Subaru Impreza, had the clutch replaced a year ago, it kept doing that and I ended up replacing the clutch again last month. The clutch pedal is still sticking and I have taken it to the garage 3 times since and they cant fix it. Tried bleeding it, and it helped for a few days, now right back to doing it again.