1999 Subaru Outback clutch pedal intermitently sticking mid return

So… looking for some leads or suggestions on this. I have a 99 Subaru Outback 5 speed that I love the hell out of. Anyway, recently my clutch pedal has started momentarily sticking mid return. The clutch appears to be fully engaged, but the pedal sticks, or hangs for a moment before popping the rest of the way up. Once, and only once so far, it stuck completely just for a moment before returning after being depressed again.

I’m not sure how concerned I should be, and given that the car is new to me I’m still trying to familiarize myself with it. If anyone has suggestions for something I should check please let me know.

My best guess is that the clutch master cylinder is in bad shape.
If you have it replaced, make sure that you also replace the slave cylinder.

But…as a first step, make sure that you check the level of fluid in the clutch master cylinder.

Note that there is a TSB that might be relevant: http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1065466

Sounds like it might be related @cigroller … I’ll look into the hose and fluid first, and consider other less friendly problems second.

This kind of problem can also be caused by a throwout bearing hanging up. Those bearings ride on an aluminum snout that is part of the transmission case and over time the aluminum may develop a ridge or scar that causes the TO bearing to snag on.

In some aftermarket clutch kits a repair sleeve is included. That sleeve is stainless steel and fits over the transmission snout. The sleeve provides a smooth, hardened surface for the TO bearing to ride on.