Stick figure avatars

I haven’t been here for a couple of days, so maybe this has been asked and answered. What’s with the grotesque stick figure avatars by the names of posters who have not chosen their own?

Better than the smiley face that was there for a while.

It appears Vanilla added a default placeholder a few days ago, perhaps to encourage people to add avatars. I think the smiley face was phase one last week, and it evolved into something that looks like it swam in nuclear waste.

A smiley face that swam in nuclear waste. How picturesque.

Perhaps it would be good to explain how one can pick an avatar. It’s been too long for me to remember.

Up top in the shaded blue (gray?) bar, you’ll see your username. Click on it; you’ll be taken to your profile. Mouse over the photo box (which in your case will be the MG logo, which you must have chosen at some time in the past), and you’ll see a black/gray stripe appear with a link to click to change your profile picture.

Huh, that’s the problem for someone like me. How do you get a profile picture to pick from? I think I could get used to the stick figure though. Kinda resembles me.

I’m perfectly happy with my avatar. I’m just trying to do a little advertising for you.

Oops, I’m a little slow on the uptake tonight. Much appreciated.

Carolyn, love the line about the stick figure looking like it swam in nuclear waste! Priceless.

But the thing I’ve noticed about the ‘‘stick figure’’ is…
It changes !
last week it was different, and the week before that too.
Plus , it changes retroactively as well…the older posts have the new pic.

Think I will just stick (pun intended) with my cat stamp avatar. :slight_smile:

No, I think the stick figure is from our lovely ORANGE river we had a month ago up here in the four corners.

Just in case someone needs directions for an avatar:

Click on your name
Edit profile
Change my picture
Chooose file if the picture is on your computer hard drive
Navigate to it click it, then upload.
Now you are not a stick figure.

The problem is if you don’t have any pictures stored on your hard drive . . .

Marnet- I had no Idea that was a cat.

I will stay with the stick figure, the head is just about right and as for the body, well, I always did want to lose some weight.


I did not know it was a cat either. Best I not say what I thought it was.


I just replaced my stick figure avatar

You might have to click on it to get the full-size view

Remember that guy . . . ?!

@db4690 :wink: