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Steve & The Bowling Ball - A Teachable Moment

I think the story of Steve, whose car was attacked by the bar crowd that threw a bowling ball that wound up under his car provides a proverbial teachable moment. Steve should have called the cops because the bowlers had committed a serious crime. If Steve or his girlfriend had been hurt as a result, the bowlers would be in jail.

As a criminal prosecutor, I was reminded of a long-ago case where a high-spirited suburban lad and his friends thought it would be fun to do the same sort of thing, except they bowled large stones out the door of their van into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, one took a bad hop and went through the windshield of the oncoming car, decapitating the driver. He wound up in jail for murder where, despite displaying a high-spirited demeanor, the prison gang was not dissuaded from playing their favorite game-Catch and Castrate the Suburban Boy. Talk about a teachable moment!

Just so that this “stream of consciousness” posting is understood, Marsh is referring to a caller from this past Saturday’s radio program.

Marsh–In theory, I agree with you.

However, after the fact, proving who threw the bowling ball in front of the car would be…difficult at best.
More than likely, the ginmill regulars would join together in a chorus of “I didn’t see anything”, so in practice, trying to prosecute someone for this action would probably be an exercise in futility.

In New Jersy 1994… similar bowling ball act did kill a young girl.

I’m brand new here but I didn’t expect to hear tales of castration. Is this normal around here? Sounds like a weird fantasy. I was just hoping to talk cars.