Bowling Ball Deja Vu?

I’m pretty sure I remember hearing the incident with the bowling ball outside the topless bar on the show many years ago. What gives?

Doug Mayer’s response in the following thread should provide the answer to your question:

Ah - I didn’t think it was a classic show because of the puzzler. I’d assumed that it would be too hard to keep the question/answer sequence intact when doing encores. Also, I didn’t recall any of the other callers. Or do they mix and match?

If you look at the “Our Lousy Radio Show/Listen to Car Talk” section on this website you will see that the show is constructed modularly. Pay special attention to the length of the sections. It’s very plug and play. The show isn’t live, it’s taped on Wednesday, and a lot of segments that don’t make the air (that week) are taped on Wednesday.

St. Patrick’s day was Thursday. Why take off Wednesday, the taping day?

I also was more worried about the guys than the show I can hear a repeat and still laugh and enjoy it. So I Wasn’t having massive Deja-Vu after all… damn… I was hoping to see the Mega-Millions numbers in advance :slight_smile:

Ps… I don’t think anyone could/should take their place.

Tom and Ray have been dead for years.