Stereo problem

I have a 2007 Saturn ION that has been working great, but the display on my stereo has recently started flickering. Seems like it is loosing power. Is this due to a bad fuse? Loose connection?

Not a bad fuse, a fuse is either good or blown nothing in between.

A loose connection is more likely. If the rest of the stereo works normally then the loose connection is inside the radio itself. Sometimes these displays go bad. They are full of circuit boards and heat may have affected a connection in one of the boards.

You have warranty don’t you?

While it is under warranty, it should not be your problem. You let them take care of it. Just tell them the light is flickering and let them figure it out from there.

Are you sure? Do you think the owner’s manual would say something about the warranty?

if you bought the car new in 2007 the radio usually comes with a 12 month warranty. So you might be out off luck. New ones are very cheap these days from places like Crutchfield. Now the time to upgrade.