No LED lights on stereo display

'95 Chrysler Town & Country.

The stereo and all but one of it’s functions works fine. CD, cassette, and radio all play and sound fine. But the LED green lights that displays the info, time, station, etc., is intermittent.

Most of the time it no longer displays anything, but once in a while, after starting the car it works. But the next time the car is started, no display?

I thought it might be temperature related as I live in Minnesota, and it started at the beginning of this winter. When the temp got warmer I sometimes got a display, but now that the weather is warm, and getting warmer, still no display, but once every so often?

Any ideas out there? Help!

I would suspect the trouble is due to a bad connection inside the the radio for the display. If you really want to fix this the least expensive route may be to replace the radio. Check Ebay for some deals on them.